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#1 2018-04-13 16:56:45


Limitations of test account

Im new in adobe connect and have registered for a testaccount, to see if it will work for us.
Setting up a meeting is no problem, but when guests want to enter - if registered or only URL - they will get a note showing that the number of limited users is already reached. (Even with only the administeator in it.)
Under my administration button i find, that the max numbers of users at a time is unlimited (flexible limitation: unlimited) and below that it reads
Users at a time 1  (flexible limitation: 1)
Is that a limitations of the test account? I hadn't been able to change this setting.
That means the testaccount is usable only to see the adobe platform.


#2 2018-04-16 18:13:55


Re: Limitations of test account

It sounds like you signed up for a trial of the Seminar module of Connect. With that setup the Meetings will be limited to 1 attendee, but a Seminar room will have the ability to have more (I don't recall the exact number off the top of my head). So, you can either create a Seminar room and use that or create a new trail account for the Meeting module.


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