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#1 2018-04-04 11:03:50


Web Services Event-register

I have the 'Adobe Connect Meetings Free' account. (

I am testing the Web services xml calls.

Should I be able to issue the following calls 'api/xml?action=event-guest-invite' or 'api/xml?action=event-register' and get a valid response?

I am currently getting the following response:

event-register <status code="no-data"/>
event-guest-invite <invalid field="sco-id" subcode="invalid-type"/>

Do I need a version of the application that has the features associated with EVENT MANAGEMENT?

This would appear to be the Virtual Classroom Manager 200 - $370/mo

Is this the correct version?


#2 2018-04-05 09:32:59


Re: Web Services Event-register

The Meeting function doesn't come with access to the Events Module. The Virtual Classroom Manager license does, but there are other options. I'd recommend you contact a reseller as they can give you a full explanation of how the licensing works (it can be complicated) and you are likely to get an account with more functionality for the same price by purchasing through them.

Resellers can be found here: … sting.html


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