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#1 2018-03-14 10:01:58


Problems with PPT formatting after upload to Adobe Connect

I have been having repeated problems over the past 3 weeks, trying to upload PPT presentations sent to me to share in my Adobe Connect classroom.  When I upload the presentation, the formatting gets changed on a number of slides...generally with the first letters of a statement (after a bullet) 'missing' or MOVED to the far Right side of the slide??

Have tried, saving as PPT, changing fonts in full PPT to a common one like, Calibri, changing the presentation format from 'widescreen to 4:3'.   The only thing that has worked is if I 'recreate' the whole PPT again and load it from my own laptop!!

There must be a better way to resolve this issue.  I saw a number of postings in the Adobe Connect forum from 2012 where people were having similar issues....any advice greatly appreciated!!


#2 2018-03-28 09:20:00

Michael Skeldon

Re: Problems with PPT formatting after upload to Adobe Connect

We've been having the same problem too recently.

I found this page on the Connect help pages... … nnect.html

It talks Connect having a limited number of fonts installed, and problems caused when the presentation contains fonts Connect doesn't know. I haven't had chance to test it yet but could be worth investigating. Even if that doesn't help (I note you've already tried different fonts) it might give a clue to something else that could be causing the problem.


#3 2018-04-12 11:01:40


Re: Problems with PPT formatting after upload to Adobe Connect

This has been a very frustrating and time consuming issue for me for a few months now. I did speak to a support person when I was first dealing with this issue and she said the problems of the formatting after the bullets are caused from slides created originally in Google Slides and the fonts not being recognized. She suggested to me within PowerPoint to select the bullets on the slides and then go in and reset the size, in essence giving them a PowerPoint code for size. This has helped with some of the formatting issues. I have never had to fully re-create a presentation, but have had to re-format quite a bit. Generally simplifying the theme and resetting the fonts have helped. As a backup, if I don't have time to make the changes (sometimes I don't get a presentation until just a few hours before a meeting) we will use share through the desktop.


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