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Setting up rooms from the API


I've been going round in circles and it's been driving me nuts!

I have a need to be able to set up Adobe Connect meeting rooms using the API. By "Set Up", I mean, create Layouts, add PODs to Layouts, set up Poll Pods and so on.

I know I can create a template prior to creating a room, but what if the room already exists?

Here's my usage case:-

We have several different hosts / presenters who all have their own "style" with certain Layout and Pod requirements. When a room is created, it isn't necessarily decided who will be hosting . presenting. So, what I need to be able to do, is to give each host / presenter a method that will set up the room how they want it.

I don't care if it's a case of "apply this template to an existing room" or a completely custom app that I write that takes the specs in some format and creates what is required, but I don't seem to be able to find anything in the docs on how to modify the room in this way.

Now, I guess I could automate the UI is some way (perhaps using something like Sikuli) but if there is a way to interface with the room design using a proper API, I would prefer it!

Anyone have any ideas?




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Re: Setting up rooms from the API


The API's don't provide a way to customize the room. When you create a room you can apply a specified template, but that would be as much as can be done for pod configuration in the room.

Once the room has been created the only modifications to its pods and layouts can be done in the room itself. So if a host wants the room to be different then they would have to go into the room and modify it as they desired. If you wanted to apply a different template to the room, you could delete it and re-create it I suppose.


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Re: Setting up rooms from the API


Thanks for the response.

Humm, well that seems a little crazy to me, but ok. The problem I have is that the rooms are actually created via an automated system and the attendees are similarly added, so deleting and re-creating is not in any way efficient or acceptable. If this cannot be done through the API (which seems to me to be a serious omission) then I will have to explore performing the task using a UI automation tool, such as Sikuli.

How do I flag this up as an enhancement request for the product? It seems that just about anything else (no matter how obscure) can be accessed through the API, but not something as basic as setting up your room! I struggle to understand the logic...


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Re: Setting up rooms from the API

In meeting functions haven't ever really been a part of the API. Logistically I'm not sure how you would use an API to place the different pods in the room. Since Connect rooms aren't static (like most other web conferencing platforms) this requires more of a human touch. If you opened a bunch of pods in a room but they were stacked on top of one another, it wouldn't really be any more useful to the end users. They'd have to hide/rearrange the pods rather than open them and placing them.

I personally don't really see this as something that is missing from Connect. Since custom templates can easily be created, the best workflow that I would see is to create some rooms that have the look and configuration that you and your staff want. Then your automated process could allow them to select which configuration they want and the room they have created would clone the desired template. Once they are in the room they can modify it as they see fit.

Maybe I'm not understanding your desired workflow, but I feel like API customization of a room would create more work than necessary.

However, if you want to request a feature enhancement, you can do so here


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Re: Setting up rooms from the API

Excellent thread! I got valuable information here. Thank you!


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Re: Setting up rooms from the API

I agree with pritakanate..Excellent post....Informative..Keep Up!

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