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$$cpQuizInfoStudentName$$ not populating from Adobe Connect

I am trying to use the variable $$cpQuizInfoStudentName$$ in my Captivate project to auto populate a slide with a user's name. When I publish from Captivate to Connect, nothing populates (it is blank where the variable should be). I've done a lot of Googling and the only thing I have found is that this variable will not populate if the LMS does not allow it...seeing as this is Adobe Captivate interacting with Adobe Connect, I'm not sure why Connect would not allow this...

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Re: $$cpQuizInfoStudentName$$ not populating from Adobe Connect

That is a Captivate variable and something that would be created and used by Captivate. If you are going to use that variable, you'd need to have a text entry box that allowed the student to enter their name and then it could be called to for the rest of the presentation.

To call the user's name from Connect you'd need to call $$connectUserName_txt$$.

Here's a forum post about calling Connect variables: … 349#p28349


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Re: $$cpQuizInfoStudentName$$ not populating from Adobe Connect

I have the same problem as the original poster.  I've attempted using the connect variables listed in the certificate thread as well as the two standard Captivate user variables for student name and ID:  no variable value gets populated.

The project file I published to Connect can be downloaded from

I use Captivate 2019; the Connect server is locally hosted on our network, uncertain of version but latest update was mid-2018.

I can verify the flash certificate does work as I created one a couple years back and it pulls the user and course name from the server as expected.  For whatever reason, Connect just seems to refuse to send the variable data to the Captivate file.

Anyone know why?


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