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#1 2018-01-24 08:04:51

Ignacio Lirio

Limited Administrators while Meeting hosts


I have a problem when setting my Connect user accounts, as follows:

My goal is to set up registered users as Meeting Hosts, so they can log in to meetings and enter as Hosts in the first place, so they can take care of sessions completely. BUT, I don't want this same account to access Connect back-end and having rights to create or destroy meeting rooms.

I didn't find this possible, as if I define a user with the role of "Limited Administrator", it cannot login as Meeting Host, and if I add it to the group "Meeting hosts", it automatically acquires the right to create or destroy meeting rooms.

Is there any way to register users as just hosts and nothing else, so they login as hosts but have nothing to do with the Administration back-end?

Thank you!



#2 2018-01-26 18:42:10


Re: Limited Administrators while Meeting hosts


Users in the Meeting Host group will always have the ability to create/manage/edit/run Meeting rooms. That is the permissions that is granted by giving the users that license in Connect.

The workflow that you are looking for requires a different licensing model. I'm making a guess, but I believe you purchased Named Host licenses where the licenses are to be assigned to user accounts and those users can create and manage the meeting rooms. It also requires them to be present in the Meeting Room to unlock full functionality and elevated roles in that room.

There is a second licensing model for Meetings call Concurrent User licenses. This allows you to purchase X seats available to be used across any active meetings at any given time. Buy 100 Concurrent User licenses, you can have 100 meetings with 1 person in them, or one with 100 people in it, or anything in between. To have Host rights in that room, a user does not need to be a member of the Meeting Host group, and won't have the ability to create/modify/delete rooms if they only have Host rights for that room. They will get back end access for that room with Host rights, and can modify the room settings and look at recordings on the server, but that is all. It's also worth mentioning that this licensing model is more expensive than the Named Host model.

Another alternative would be to use a Shared Seminar license, where anyone could be given Host rights for the Seminar room. But this too is more expensive than a Named Host license.

Hope that helps clarify.



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