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#1 2017-07-21 03:58:39


registered guest vs. registered users.


I would need your help on the following topic please.

I created an event and I want that only registered participant access it. So  only the ones who registered via the formular.

When I made a test and registered myself, I couldnt login to access the meeting room. I received the following message on the login page : "As a registered guest, you do not have privileges for enter this room".

When I go in participant management, I can see that I am registered as participant. So how can I manage this issue please and give access to the registered guest (only the one who registered via the formular before)?

Many thanks in advance


#2 2017-07-21 16:25:20


Re: registered guest vs. registered users.

With your guest account (created through the Event tool) did you log into the room through the Event Login page or the direct link to the room?

Registered Users can login and access anything within Connect that account has permissions to access.

Registered Guests can register for and attend any Event within Connect. Guest accounts cannot be used to access Meetings or on-demand Content within Connect unless it is part of an Event.


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