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#1 2017-04-20 08:20:34

Robyn M.

Emails sent before scheduled time

Our "thank you for attending" and "we missed you emails" were scheduled to send on 4/26 and instead sent this morning, 4/20. Our webinar hasn't even happened yet and some registered attendees received the thank and some the we missed you.

The date in the report confirms the emails went out before the scheduled time.

Any thoughts as to what might have caused this error and how we can prevent it from happening in the future? Also, since the event hasn't happened how did some people receive the thank you for attending email?

In the meantime, we've unscheduled the emails and are sending an event update to address the confusion.


#2 2017-04-26 10:21:41


Re: Emails sent before scheduled time

Sorry for the delayed response, but you will want to have a conversation with Adobe Support about this. They should be able to look at the back end of your account and give you some information about why this happened. … pport.html


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