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New Footprints Carbon Savings Pod and Analytics Engine released

Footprints Carbon Savings Calculator for Adobe Connect Pro

With the New Year starting and many companies looking to implement web conferencing and eLearning to reduce their costs as well as the environmental impact of their operations, we're proud to announce the new version of Footprints, the Carbon Savings Calculator pod for Adobe Connect Pro.

Footprints calculates the Carbon and the Financial savings for every meeting you run in ACP and tracks the results for your entire organization with a sophisticated back-end analytics engine.

You can track the savings silently or display the impact to your attendees so they can see what your organization is doing to protect the environment. The tool shows attendees the Carbon and Financial impact of their participation as well as the distance saved, plus they also get to see the impact for the entire meeting and the total impact your oganization has had on the environment for the entire year.

You can download a Free 30 Day Trial of Footprints for use in any Connect Pro Account.

Footprints is the perfect complement to any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program.

Highlights of the new In-Meeting Pod are below:

Track the Carbon and Financial Impact of all your Connect Pro Meetings
Displays results in 10 different currencies (Dollars, Euros, Yen, Rubles etc.)
Currency rates used for financial calculations are updated daily.
Displays results in both Metric and Imperial units (Lbs/Kgs Miles/Kms)
Customize the pod's colour pallete to match your corporate brand
Add your corporate logo to the pod (default and per meeting options available)
Customize the rates used to calculate your dollar savings.
Show each user's individual Carbon Footprint and Financial Impact.
Show the collective Meeting Footprint and Financial Impact
Show your Corporate-wide savings for the year.
Locates users using their IP address by default to determine latitude and longitude.
Users can refine their location by entering their postal code or zip code.
Support for Postal Code geolocation in 45 countries around the world
Assign the meeting savings to specific departments or clients (user configurable)

Highlights of the Analytics Engine

View the Carbon or Financial Savings for any period of time for all meetings or filtered by department or client.
View Corporate Carbon Dioxide savings, Financial savings, Miles/Kms Saved and Number of Attendees.
See the savings graphically by day, week or month (line charts or bar graphs)
Export the data into Excel for offline analysis
View a list of meetings held using Footprints for any time period, filtered by department or client.
Sort meetings by date, number of attendees, carbon savings, cost savings etc.
View the Attendee list for any meeting with the associated Carbon and Financial Savings
View the Carbon and Financial savings for each Attendee
View a Google Map showing where all Attendees were located for a specific meeting
View a Google Map for each Attendee Location
View Carbon Summaries by user
View Google maps for all locations for a specific user over time

Want to see how the system works? Just visit our online narrated demo to see the pod in action as well as an in-depth tour of the Analytics Engine. It's unlike anything you've seen in Connect Pro before.

This is the only Carbon Savings Tool of its kind in the world that operates inside your web conference or virtual classroom session and provides the meaningful analysis of how the savings are translated in to real life bottom line numbers for your balance sheet and the environment.

We offer Enterprise, Small Business and NFP/Educational versions of Footprints so there's a solution that's right for every organization.

If you care about the environment, you should take the time to see how Footprints could transform the way you think about Adobe Connect Pro.

Did You Know?
It takes a large tree an entire year to absorb the C02 generated by the average Family Car on a journey of just 60 Miles (100 Kms) - what could you be doing to reduce your Carbon Footprint with Connect Pro?

If you'd like to learn more, please contact us for a live demonstration or to discuss your custom Connect Pro needs.

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