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Playing Pre-recorded video for users connecting over the phone.

Hello all,

Many of our courses include pre-recorded videos that we play for participants. It seems that users who connect though the phone bridge can not hear the audio from the pre recorded video. Is this supposed to be the case? Is there a work around?



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Re: Playing Pre-recorded video for users connecting over the phone.

Yes, this is expected. Audio from objects in the Share pod are not broadcast over telephone audio. The only solutions I'm aware of are

- Put a mic next to your computer speakers to 'rebroadcast' the audio through the the phone (and VoIP which can lead to an echo for everyone)

- Use a phone audio tap to bridge the computer audio into a phone. I would recommend a THAT-2:

- Have the users on the phone turn on their computer speakers when watching video assets.


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Re: Playing Pre-recorded video for users connecting over the phone.


Jorma is right. This is request that I see all the time, and sadly the answer is always the same. What I generally do is remind them in the invite and in the lobby that we will have a video segment and that they will need headphones/earbuds to participate.

Some tips:
• I use a specific layout with the videos, and have them loaded in advance.

• Give them a minute to change from one headset to the other (don't just start the video playback right away)

• I also leave a chat pod available during the playback so they can communicate issues or ask questions.

• Ask them to give me a greencheck once the video is complete, and they have changed back to their phone headsets.

• Depending on the size of the audience, I will move the Attendees Pod. (Larger audiences = move to POA to save bandwidth)

Hope that helps!


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