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#1 2016-04-20 14:05:54


Echo in Mobile App on iOS

I have a report of an echo being fed back to the Adobe Connect room from a user on an iOS device.  Brief testing confirms it... Anyone else experiencing this?  Is it a known issue?  (April 2016)


#2 2016-05-05 07:40:14


Re: Echo in Mobile App on iOS

Our company hosts Adobe Connect from Windows PCs and all of our participants log on from iPads.  Participants are using earbuds to listen/talk.  I can absolutely confirm that we have the same echo.  When a participant's mic is connected, and the presenter talks, you can hear an echo from the participant's end.  We have found that turning the volume down on the speaker setting to 50% or less seems to reduce the echo.  We are in the middle of trying different brands of earbuds, in case that is the issue, but so far we cannot consistently stop the echo from occurring.  It is very distracting as a presenter when you are trying to interact with participants.


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