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#1 2016-04-04 22:09:16

Topica VN

Moodle - Adobe Connect integration trouble

Hi there,
We currently use Moodle LMS - Adobe connect integration.

There's a problem that when we call API from LMS to Adobe Connect to create Meetings. A part of the Meetings cannot be successfully created (At that time, Adobe Connect doesn't response my LMS). I think that may be due to the connection from my system (located in Vietnam) to Adobe connect system (Cloud Amazon).

I asked Adobe Connect agent about how can we monitor the connection from our system to Adobe Connect Cloud (by ping or speedtest) but Adobe answer it is not allowable.

As a result, we experienced unstable connection from my users or my system to Adobe Connect. That lead to bad experience  of Adobe Connect meetings.

Does any one experience it ? We can share and may be figure out a solution for it.


#2 2016-04-05 14:08:34


Re: Moodle - Adobe Connect integration trouble


Is your Adobe Connect solution hosted by Adobe or do you have a licensed deployment in Amazon's Web Services cloud?


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