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Event Stat Manager-A tool to get the full view of your events

This tool is ideal for generating leads, or get the full view of the data in the event management module in Adobe Connect. Get information on who has attended and for how long they viewed the webinar.

Event Stat Manager is right tool for you!

You are now able to make full reports from the event management module in Adobe Connect. What you are able to see, is the registration data for all events; See who has attended when and for how long. Sort on date interval or event name or guest name or event time. Print the full report directly to your printer or save the data to an Excel file if you have Excel installed on your computer.

Print Preview function lets you select orientation and size of the printable area. Is it also possible to easily sort and view data on any criteria you need.

What is Event Stat Manager?

Event Stat Manager is a tool created to be an extension of the report function in Adobe Connect, that let you view, print and manager your event statistics.

How to use Event Stat Manager?

The program is very easy to use. With simple controls, the data is extracted from the Adobe Connect platform and placed in a Datagrid very similar to the one you know from Excel. In the Datagrid you have the option to sort and filter all the data so that you are able to find all instances where a particular participant is signed up for an event. Or you might be interested in knowing how many have participated in a specific event. All kinds of sorting and filtering is available. After you have done the sorting, it is possible to print the data to a report which shows the outcome. Also if you want to export the data to Excel, you have that option if Excel is installed on your PC.

In Adobe Connect you have the option to export data from one Event at a time. Here you get full reports on all the data from all events with one push on a button.

Print reports;
From all the data;
Excel Export;
Sort on everything;
Tech overview

Run's on your Windows PC. no OSX version. The program needs an Event Manager license to function.

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