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#1 2015-07-22 18:19:48


Videos not playing in Captivate8 course when published to Connect

I have a Captivate8 course with MP4 videos embedded.

The embedded videos play fine when previewed in Captivate or in the standalone versions I created.

But when published through AdobeConnect they are not loading at all and I just see a bar with grey diagonal lines on the screen where the video should be.

- I have tried changing the MP4s to FLVs, with no luck.
- I have tried changing the Flash version output to Flash 11 and same issue.
- I have tried saving the videos as separate content on AdobeConnect and streaming them instead of embedding, and still the same issue.
- I thought it could be a network issue with the video sizes but talked to the multimedia team and they say they publish much larger videos across the network all the time with no issues. 

Has anyone experienced this before? Help!!!


#2 2015-07-27 16:26:40

Andrew Chemey

Re: Videos not playing in Captivate8 course when published to Connect


Did you indicate the file to track to Adobe Connect as the LMS (in the Quiz Manager) AND mark the "Include Adobe Connect Metadata".  Both of these are highly recommended.  If you have confirmed these items, contact me off-list.  I'd like to review your files, if possible.

Andrew AT LearningConsulting DOT com




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