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Footprints Carbon Calculator Available for Download

Hi Everyone,

After much anticipation, I'm thrilled to let the community know that Footprints, the new Carbon Savings Calculator pod from RefinedData is now available for download and use at

The download is a free, unlimited use trial of the software and is the most sophisticated add-in for Connect Pro released to date.

It's fully customizable and displays CO2 and financial savings for each Attendee, for the Meeting and also keeps a running tally of the savings from all Meetings run by your organization.

You can set theme colors for the pod to match your corporate brand and even add a logo on a Meeting by Meeting basis.

The savings are displayed in Metric or Imperial units in your choice of 10 currencies.... it's very cool and the perfect demonstration of how your use of Connect Pro is saving the planet from unnecessary travel and carbon emissions.

Check it out today and let me know what you think. We'll be adding new features on a regular basis such as a drill-down feature that will allow admins to view their corporate savings by Month, by Meeting or by Host.




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Re: Footprints Carbon Calculator Available for Download

I have to say that I'm very impressed with this custom pod and we've made it the featured item on the Adobe Exchange for Connect Pro.

Anyone looking to build a business case around Connect Pro (or web conferencing in general) might want to give this a try since it not only calculates the carbon offset but also the financial savings.  It's also very slick - as Terry mentions in his post, you can brand it with your own colors and logo.

Well done Terry!


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Re: Footprints Carbon Calculator Available for Download

I have installed and tested Footprints. It really gives an added value to both us as organizers and our participants, becoming aware of the climate change issue and what the actual web conference or web meeting has contributed to.
It is neat that Adobe's product get enhanced like this. Adobe must really be appreciative and applauding such an innovative solution that adds even more value to their application.
Kind regards,

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Re: Footprints Carbon Calculator Available for Download

where do i get more information on this


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Re: Footprints Carbon Calculator Available for Download

Hi Jazmine,

You can learn more about Footprints at Refined Data's website. You may also download a free, 14-day trial of the product from there as well:

We have designed a pre-recorded video outlining Footprints' many features, which you can access here:

Should you have any other questions please feel free to contact me directly, or post here in this thread. I would be happy to arrange a live demonstration of the product for you as well if that is of interest to you.

Nas Farzan


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