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#1 2015-04-02 12:22:42


Not tracking Captivate 8 test items

OK - I'm about at my wit's end. I am running Cp 8.0.145 (I know, .245 is current, but my IT guys need to vet it before I get it) on a Win7 desktop and trying to publish a .zip file to an Adobe Connect system functioning as an LMS. I do not have full admin rights to the Connect instance. I have tried publishing the Captivate projects using the "Adobe Connect" setting (with and without "Publish Adobe Connect metadata" box selected), as an AICC compliant zip file, and as a SCORM 2004 v4 package, and as a SCORM 2004 v4 package in a wrapper provided by Adobe. In each and every case, the system does not register any value for the test questions included (shows a test value of 0/0) and will not register completion of the course on passing the test.

Is this an issue with my settings in Captivate when I publish, or something I need to address with the LMS admin for Connect?



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