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#1 2015-03-18 07:01:56

Robert Andersson

Ipad microphone connect/disconnect bug

I want somebody to confirm this problem:

When entering a room from an Apple Ipad, whenever I connect my microphone, disconnect it, and reconnect it, the speaker audio goes silent. I haven't tried this using a headset, but I have confirmation from three different users that when they disconnect microphone and then reconnect, audio goes silent.

There are some details to this problem as well.. If a new attendee enters the room, audio is heard from this user. Also, if current users mute and unmute their micro, audio is heard again as well. The streams are somehow "reset".


#2 2016-09-20 16:47:10

Bruce Tindall

Re: Ipad microphone connect/disconnect bug

I have this same problem, but on a Windows 10 laptop. Adobe Connect worked fine on my old Windows 8 computer, but on my new Acer Aspire computer with Windows 10 (whether I'm using Chrome or IE browser), this happens.


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