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Week Long Connect classes... help/suggestions

I teach week long classes (9-5:30 each day) and so I probably tend to use Connect differently than most, I suspect. There are some interesting issues that arise that I'd like to offer suggestions about (see below). Many of these don't seem relevant for a one-time 1-2 hour meeting, but they are issues when teaching the same 20 people for a week.

If you teach for 30+ hours in a week to the same people, I'd appreciate hearing your observations and techniques.

Break Out Rooms
- I'd REALLY like to define the breakout room groupings in the User/Groups area of Admin so that they are known before class starts and FIXED! Putting people in rooms every day all week is tedious and error prone.

- I'd like Breakout Rooms to be saved over the days of the class. If that can't be, then using the above groupings, give me 'one-button' room creations and distributions each day.

- This would help when people are disconnected from their room (network latency issues I think). They come back to the main room and I have to put them back in their room. If their grouping is fixed for the week (as described above), Connect can find their partners and put them back in their room automatically.

-  Moving from room to room is error prone. it is very easy to move a student and not the HOST when waiting for the popup menu to appear.  The popup menu is VERY, VERY slow to appear if you are in a room where someone is sharing their screen.

- I'd like a way to say guest is NOT the default value when presented with the logon screen into a credentialed or guest meeting setup. (Make a system parameter or at least class parameter).

- Let credentialed user change their email address and displayed name in their profile and inform them that it will now be their 'logon' address for Connect.

Some template settings not passed along
- Templates that indicate a preference to NOT use the mini-controller for shared screens are not able to pass this setting to classes created with it.

- Attendee listings in Last Order is not passed along to a created class even though the template is so set.


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Re: Week Long Connect classes... help/suggestions

Where is this forum server?  My post says 3:41 and it is 10:41 PM in Atlanta.


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