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#1 2014-10-13 11:14:58

Joe C.

Limitations of Watered-Down Adobe Subscription - Wish List

I a now starting year 2 of my subscription and I was wondering if Adobe was thinking about making the subscription more robust like the installed server versions?  Specifically, the ability to schedule meetings and events and have people signup for events.  The hosted version does not offer that in subscription form.

My specific need is that I run a software company and we do monthly training for one product or more.  It would be nice to use the scheduling features that an installed version offers.  Hosted accounts have no access to scheduling at this time.

I do not see any reason why this technology is not offered in the subscription.  Isn't the point of the cloud (SAS) model to make things available that are feature-rich?




#2 2014-10-13 17:03:49


Re: Limitations of Watered-Down Adobe Subscription - Wish List

Are you using an account purchased through If so, then it is the limited, meeting only type account. You can contact a reseller (I'd be happy to help you convert the account if you would like) who can sell annual accounts, which can include all the features of Adobe Connect.

I can be reached at jorma[at], if you want to discuss your account licensing, which is an off-forum discussion.


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