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#1 2014-09-24 11:50:01


Adobe Connect Learner Certificates

Ok so I have read the other posts on generating custom certificates in Connect this and followed all of the steps and downloaded the templates provided and it worked great.  When I try to create my own I get nothing.  None of the filed will populate with the information I need to populate.  I think I have tried every thing possible to include naming conventions, publishing setting, etc. but to no avail. 

I create he certificate in Adobe Flash, publish it, set in as content, load it to a curriculum and run it.  I can see the certificate and it looks good, but none of the participants information is populated on the certificate at all.

The fields I need are - Course name, User Name, Date completed, and a custom system generated certificate number.

I am pretty sure I am just missing a step some where.  Please help.


#2 2014-10-11 09:48:16


Re: Adobe Connect Learner Certificates

While I certainly have updated templates (including packages that work for both desktop/Flash and mobile/HTML), I would expect any of the existing certificate templates to work.  Feel free to contact me off-list to walk through your issues:  Andrew AT Learningconsulting DOT com.


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