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Live subtitles in Adobe Connect 9? Interesting or not?

If anyone is interested I have the ability to add live subtitles to an Adobe Connect meetings and a full transcript service within 3 working hours.

The idea behind this is that hearing creates a certain level of understanding. Combine hearing them with seeing their words on screen and then getting a transcript and you have a much higher level of success.
This obviously assists in training sessions and greatly enhances the ability of some people such as those with a hearing impairment those for whom english is not their first language or those with an ASD to participate in a meeting.

This is a new offering so I am happy to provide a free online demonstration if you feel that this would interest you or your clients.

Thank you. I can be reached at


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Re: Live subtitles in Adobe Connect 9? Interesting or not?

How does your offering compare to the existing closed captioning pod? … oning.html


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