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Adobe Presenter Course listed as "in progress" and won't bookmark

I've developed a course using Adobe Presenter 9 that will be used for a LMS.  The course does not have a quiz, and I've clicked all appropriate setting for 'Reporting' under the Quiz Management Tab.

I've taken the following steps on the Reporting tab:
1. Checked the 'Enable reporting for this presentation'
2. Clicked SCORM [Manifest setting: Version 1.2, listed course ID, title, desc., checked version 1.0, listed the SCO ID and Title]
3. Status Representation: Checked Incomplete---> Passed/failed
4. Success/Completion Criteria: Clicked Slide views/and or quiz, checked slide views, 100%.
5. [Did not check 'Quiz is Passed'. Should this be checked?]
6. Data to report: Clicked Quiz Score, clicked 'percentage'
7. Advanced: LMS Customization Settings: Checked Escape Version and Session ID, set send interval to 1

Test users of the course experienced that when exiting the course, it starts back at the beginning.  How do I get the training to 'bookmark', so the user can start where they left off?

Test users are also reporting that the course is still listed as 'In Progress' after course is complete.

Any guidance on fixing these two issues would be a GREAT help!

Thank you

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Re: Adobe Presenter Course listed as "in progress" and won't bookmark

Here is what I would change.

3. Since there is no quiz, I believe your Passed/Failed setting is incorrect. I would change the Status Representation to Complete.

6. Data to report,:  Quiz Score + Interaction Data: Percentage

You may also need to look at your LMS to see what data is is receiving and how it is using that information. All Presenter can do is provide the data, you LMS needs to decide what to do with it and apply that to the student's.


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