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#1 2013-09-06 10:37:13


pre-meeting practice area

We're switching from WebEx to Adobe Connect and, while we're thrilled with most features, we've been a bit disappointed with how pre-meeting practice is handled.

It seems the only way host and presenter can discreetly practice before the event is by putting early attendees 'on hold'. Compared to the Lobby, the hold screen is dull and a bit disconcerting to attendees ("so am I in or not?").

With WebEx, we could go into a 'practice mode' where attendees would keep seeing whatever was last on the screen (e.g. Lobby) and audio was muted, while host/and presenter could privately discuss and walk through the slides together.

"Prepare Mode" doesn't quite do the trick (audio not muted, host/presenter aren't seeing the same thing). But perhaps a new "Practice Mode" could be added.


#2 2014-08-11 07:24:33

James Booth

Re: pre-meeting practice area

we use another room to achieve what you describe


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