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Is connect unreliable?

I just wanted to ask a question of other admins, just to see if you've had similar experiences. I've been using hosted connect for about 7 months, (na8) and I have been unimpressed with the reliability of the service, to the point where we're considering dumping it totally as we can't trust it.

Last night was the kicker -- an outage right when we were starting a major webinar with hundreds of folks (including the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.)

I was left with major egg on my face.   

This is not the first time we've had problems with the service, and when I look at the status pages, i see a constant stream of 'maintenance' and reported outages, specifically for the connect service (vs. other Adobe services on the status list, it looks like Connect seems fragile.)

Even today, I find that I can't do something as simple as upload event banners to my account -- the page saves, but nothing gets saved.  This is simple web app functionality.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  I understand that high availability can be a challenge, but we shouldn't have to develop an ulcer worrying about the basic reliability of the service, particularly not at these prices.


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Re: Is connect unreliable?

Have you ever considered going on premise or having a service provider like our company house a solution for you?  We have guaranteed up time of at least 99.99.

I can't speak to hosted, as I rarely use it.  I would escalate that as a major concern, especially if you have large meetings quite frequently.

As for the banners, give it time.  After you save/upload it, give it an hour or two, as that one file has to go across 8 servers in a cluster along with shared content.

Matt Rock


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