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Creating Virtual Classroom from Moodle?

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask you if the official integration between moodle and connect gives the option to choose between a regular connect meeting room and a virtual classroom one when I include a webmeeting from moodle webui?

Also if this is possible only concurrent learners will be tracked inside the virtual classroom if I use captivate or presenter content whit quizzes inside..?

A last question: can I retrieve from Connect's XML API the results of this quizzes and give them to moodle?




#2 2014-04-11 10:56:03


Re: Creating Virtual Classroom from Moodle?

I can't confidently speak to the Moodle integration, but I'll try to clarify what happens with the Virtual Classroom (VC).

VCs are one of those fun things in Connect that uses multiple licenses, so you have to be sure the Host and the attendees are all able to comply with the licenses to ensure you get the functionality you are wanting. Here's how it works.

Upon launching the VC, the Meeting licenses are used. So, if you are using a Named Host model, you must have an individual who is a member of the Meeting Host group be in the room to have it become functional. If you are using the Concurrent User model, then you must have enough Concurrent User licenses to meet the needs of that session in the VC as well as any other meeting sessions currently happening on your account.

You will continue to the the Meeting licenses until you load a Training Course in the Share pod of the VC. Then the room switches to using the Concurrent Learner licenses, so be sure to have enough of those licenses to accommodate all individuals in the room, along with any other individuals expected to be accessing training content through the Connect system.

The results should be tracked in the training course just as any other on-demand users would, and the API should allow you access to that information.


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