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#1 2014-02-09 00:43:49


Pdf Presenter file open on a Chromebook

I have a Presenter pdf file, and I can't seem to open it with my Chromebook.  It there anyway for me to play the file on my Chromebook.

I've tried uploading it to my Drive it acts like it is going to open it, but the page stays blank.

Any suggestions on what to do.  Is there a file format that I could convert it to to allow me to


#2 2014-02-09 11:20:04


Re: Pdf Presenter file open on a Chromebook

Presenter Presentations published to PDF require Acrobat Reader 9 or newer to be viewed. Not sure if you can install Acrobat Reader on your Chromebook.

Is there a reason that there is not a Flash version of the presentation? That should work on your Chromebook?


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