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Presenter mobile app

Nice to see the connectusers forum back online! I'm just now reading some of the info about the presenter iPad app that came out last year. The app seems to work very nicely and has some nice and simple features for playback.

Are there plans to make the app backwards compatible with presentations published in earlier versions of Presenter? And, are there plans to incorporate sidebar video? Both of those are important features for the content we've created. I would hope to see those in future versions of the app.


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Re: Presenter mobile app

I don't believe there is an easy method of making old (v 7.0.7 and earlier) presentations work with the mobile app, other than republishing with Presenter 8 or newer.

This is because the published presentation needs the appropriate file(s) to call to the app, and they just didn't exist in older version of Presenter.

The side bar inclusion is a good feature request.


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Re: Presenter mobile app

Hi there

I create narrated PPT files and publish them using Presenter, hosting them on our Moodle VLE.  These work very nicely, and are used extensively in our courses.  A key accessibility addition to this would be the ability to view these via the Presenter iPad App - unfortunately when I click to access the files I just get a constant spinning loading wheel, or just a blank white screen.

I see from earlier discussions that there may be issues relating to an extra forward slash, or issues relating to hosting on an LMS outside of Connect - do these issues still exist?  Is there a particular setting that I should be using to publish these files?

Edit: I am wondering now whether this may be because the resources are located in Moodle which is a password protected VLE?

Thanks in advance


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#4 2014-08-28 12:02:54

Phil Jones

Re: Presenter mobile app

What is the current state of this app? Are there plans to release an update any time soon? Any plans to make an iPhone version?

As a facility that doesn't use Adobe Connect for meetings but instead uses it for on-demand training the iPad app is useful.


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