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#1 2013-10-09 09:59:08


Breakout Room Audio Challenges - VoIP / PGI

We use Adobe Connect 9.1 w/ PGI Teleconference integrated. 

When we attempt to use Breakout Rooms we are experiencing some challenges.

We know that PGI + Adobe Computer Audio will not work together within a Breakout Room.  We choose to use one or the other prior to beginning the Breakout Rooms.  For the issue I describe here, we are attempting to use Adobe Computer Audio for all users.

Prior to starting Breakout Rooms, the Host will go to the Audio Conference Preferences and remove the Check marks from "Using Phone", "Broadcast Telephony Audio", "Provide Dial-in details to Participants" and "Provide Dial-out option to Participants".  This leaves only "Using Microphone" & "Allow participants to use Microphones" checked and enabled.

The Host will then disperse Attendees and start the breakout rooms successfully.  However if anyone calls the toll free PGI Teleconference it immediately disconnects all Atendees in the Classroom from Adobe Computer Audio and prompts to Join Audio Confernece and provides the option to use Dial-out or Dial-in, however if the host looks at the Audio Conference Preferences it still shows Using phone and subsequent options are Not Checked.

We have also attempted to use the PGI Star Codes to Lock the Bridge using *94, and then *93 to Remove all users from the PGI Teleconference Bridge.  The Host would then disconnect from the PGI Teleconference themself and Start the Breakout Rooms.  If any person calls the toll free number and enteres the Participant Code it does not advise them the PGI Teleconference is locked, it does joins them to the PGI Conference and once again disconnects all Attendees audio in the Adobe Classroom.

Previous to the 9.1 upgrade we could use *94 to lock the PGI which would block all Participant access to PGI.  This option did allow uninteruppted use of Breakout Room Audio using Adobe Computer Audio. 

Shortly after the 9.1 update I was able to block access to the PGI Teleconference by unchecking the "Using Phone" and subsequent related options in the Audio Conference Preferences.  This is no longer working.

Any ideas?


#2 2013-11-13 03:14:53


Re: Breakout Room Audio Challenges - VoIP / PGI


Just thinking about a workaround. Prior to starting the BOR, stop the audio conference completely (from the meeting-room). It will stop the tele-conference at PGi as well. Now restart the audio-conference in the meeting-room with the option as microphone only. After this start the BORs.

Please try if it helps.



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