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#1 2013-08-12 18:41:56


Publishing Issues

Hello all,

I truly hope someone is able to assist me... I have spent hours with Adobe Support with absolutely zero assistance.  I'm now at the point of complete desperation! 

I am using Adobe Captivate 6 and have, until the last few months, been able to publish directly to Adobe Connect.  It might also be important to tell you I work off Mac.

Well now I cannot publish to Connect until I first save the project as a zip file to my desktop and then upload it to Connect.
Whenever I am trying to publish directly from Captivate I get the following error message...
"Failed to publish your project to the Adobe Connect Server.  Verify your network connection and then try again".

Please please please, if anyone has any suggestions I would be so grateful.



#2 2013-08-13 02:42:26


Re: Publishing Issues


We have seen similar issues in the past, but most of the times network glitches while publishing a HUGE file was the culprit. Repeatedly re-publishing the content(patiently, i must admit), resolved the problem for us.

Do you see the same error with other cptx files as well or is it a file specific one?
If it isn't file specific, please send across one such file to so that we can try publishing at our end.

Btw, which version of Connect are you using? Is it hosted or licensed?

Sameer Puri


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