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#1 2012-08-01 15:15:50


Locked Deck not "UN"locking after completion in Adobe Connect

I have read some topics that sort of dance around this in various ways, but no one addressing my situation...

I have a slide deck.  I created a simple 3 slide presentation with no frills.  In Presenter, I went to Slide Manager and locked all three slides, thus only allowing them to advace after 5 seconds of time.

I uploaded this deck to Adobe Connect (7 and 8) and viewed the deck as regular content.  The deck was locked the first time, but also every single other time I viewed it as content.  I expected this as content itself is not associated with a user.

I then went into the Training module of Adobe Connect (7 and 8), created a new course and added one single user.  Logged completely out, closed all browsers and went back in to the new course.

The course was locked the first view through as expected.  After completing the program, I closed the browser window and went back in.  The course indeed told me at the top that I was in review mode.  But the deck was still locked to navigation.

Can anyone duplicate this, or let me know if this is a known bug?

Thanks so much!


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