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ipad connectivity bug

On iOS devices iPhone and iPad when you open link to meeting room in safari it automatically open Adobe connect mobile 1.7.5 with this room, thats ok. But when you press home button and return to safari and click new link to room, your connect pro opens with old room, and you cannot change it in application until logout! Is there some work around? I need my user to choose freely different room links from site and open them on iPad.

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Re: ipad connectivity bug

Hi Reaperbk,

This is the expected behavior. When your user taps the Home button, it does not log out the user from the meeting or close the app. Instead, it places the app running in the background and this is the default behavior on mobile. So before the user logs in to another meeting, the user must log out from the current meeting and this will resolve the issue.
I'm curious. Is there any reason why the user launches the meeting from the browser instead of using the app to join the meeting?



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Re: ipad connectivity bug

That's basically working in the background, use task killer to kill the Adobe related processes and open Adobe connect mobile 1.7.5 again, and choose only what room you want.

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