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Getting Mobile to Work & Which meeting attendees are using Mobile?

Hi, seems like a great app and I've downloaded today for my ipad.  However, I cannot get to my meeting room, the message back keeps saying "No Network".

I'm not sure, but think it's a similar problem to the one that rreifman had and you sent him back an alternative url to use.  Happy to share the exact url I am trying to reach if you can help at all.

Also, when hosting a meeting / training session, is it possible to tell those that are connected via mobile and those on desktop? - The reaon being is that then you know who has the "limitations" of the mobile experience.

Any advice on either of these would be appreciated.  I've looked around and can't seem to find anything.


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Re: Getting Mobile to Work & Which meeting attendees are using Mobile?

Welcome to the community!

First -  it is possible to see who is using a mobile device in your meeting. Their icon in the 'Attendees' pod changes to incorporate a small mobile device as part of the icon.

In terms of the links, Adobe Connect Mobile currently requires a direct link to the meeting room. When seminars are being held using the Adobe Connect Events module, a participant will likely have a link to login to the seminar event - which is different from the meeting room URL. You may be able to use mobile safari to login to the event. I'm not sure if this will automatically open the mobile app or not though.


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Re: Getting Mobile to Work & Which meeting attendees are using Mobile?

Thanks a lot for the advice, hopefully I'll actually be able to contribute in the future! - Good news that you can tell whether a person is connected by mobile it will really help the meeting lead.

About the connection on ipad, I *think* I am adding the correct meeting room link.  Certainly it is the url that is stated in the connect administration area (given as meeting url).   Strangely the url does not have adobeconnect anywhere in it, so I wonder if that is a factor.

the url is:

It is a work system accesse through our LMS so I'll ask my colleagues that run the lms and hopefully that will work!


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