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Finding Adobe Connect Mobile in the Android Market

Some of our customers have had issues locating Adobe Connect Mobile in the Android Market. Here is some information about our app and how the Android Market lists applications:

The Android Market is available as an app, pre-installed on most Android devices (check with your manufacturer if the app is not there). Look for the Android Robot on a white shopping bag.

The Android Market is now available on the web. The home page for the market is here:

The home page for Adobe Connect Mobile on the Android Market is here: … connectpro

To search for Adobe Connect Mobile in the Android Market on your device, or on the web, enter this search text: Adobe Connect Mobile
The official Adobe app will appear. Follow the market instructions to install the app.


Your device most likely does not meet the prerequisites for Adobe Connect Mobile. The way the Android Market works is if your phone does not meet the requirements for installation *the app may not appear AT ALL when you try to find it*. This is Android Market functionality and independent of Adobe.

From the Android Market Help Pages:
"If you can't find an application, first try editing your search terms; the publisher may have changed the name in the application. If it still doesn't appear, it may not be available for your type of mobile device, in your location, or on your mobile service provider at this time. Developers have the ability to target applications to specific mobile devices based off screen size, mobile service provider, or location."

The number one reason you might not see the Adobe Connect Mobile, is that you do not have the pre-requisite Android Operating System. As of this post, the minimum OS required for Adobe Connect Mobile is version 2.2 (FroYo). If you do not have Android OS 2.2 or higher installed, you will not see the app in your search. You must first upgrade your device before you can locate, install, and run the app. If you do not have 2.2 or higher, we recommend you contact your manufacturer, or search for more information regarding your specific device to find out when an upgrade will be made available. There is a page on Wikipedia you may find useful to start your search: "Comparison of Android Devices"

Another reason you may not see the app in the marketplace is if you do not meet the Adobe AIR for Mobile installation requirements, which include CPU and other requirements beyond just the Android version. These requirements, and a link to a list of supported devices for AIR for Mobile, can be found here:

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Re: Finding Adobe Connect Mobile in the Android Market

Randah, can we have a help document that lists down the steps to locate and install these apps on mobile app. And basic troubleshooting as well.

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Re: Finding Adobe Connect Mobile in the Android Market

The app is being returned in all my searches on every computer/phone/tablet I have, yet it still says my tablet is incompatible. I have android 2.3, flash player, and adobe air. What else can I do?


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