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Footprints - Custom Connect Pod calculates your meeting CO2 savings

One of the great things about Adobe Connect Pro is how it can benefit the environment by eliminating unnecessary travel to meetings that can be held on-line instead.

Refined Data has just developed a new Connect Pro plug in called appropriately enough, "Footprints" that will calculate the Carbon savings for all of your on-line meetings. It's really cool!

The tool uses the IP address of each attendee to calculate their lattitude and longitude and determine from that, their physical distance to the meeting host. Based on the distances involved, the tool then calculates the CO2 saved for each attendee and for the entire meeting.

The system automatically adjusts for distance using different formulae for walking, driving, long-haul air etc. when making the calculations. The results are then displayed as both the amount of CO2 saved as well as the value of those savings in any currency you choose. It even shows what the savings mean in terms of more tangible concepts like how many trees it would have taken to recapture the CO2 you just saved.

The tool is in final Beta stage right now and will be made available in the next few weeks but if you can't wait till then, just drop me a line and we'll show you a live demo.

The finished tool will be available in two versions. A freeware version that calculates the CO2 Savings for each attendee and the entire meeting, plus a Corporate Version that will track the savings of all meetings run by your company over time. The Corporate Version will also allow you to add your company name and logo to the results.

We'd be happy to show off our new baby and to discuss other custom pod applications that you might need.

Have a Green Day!



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