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Adobe Connect 8 meeting producers WANTED for onsite NJ work

rVibe is a live online learning company that serves the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.  We use Adobe Connect to help clients conduct virtual training.

rVibe seeks individuals to manage virtual training sessions in Adobe Connect 8 for full-day virtual learning sessions onsite at client locations in northern New Jersey (outside of NYC).  The work requires individuals to travel onsite to client locations in northern New Jersey.  In addition to administrating the Adobe Connect 8 meeting, the individuals will help set up and configure rVibe microphones, mixers, video equipment and lighting.

Interested candidates must be proficient in Adobe Connect 8 and have experience:

- creating, configuring and managing breakout rooms
- deploying and configuring various pods (Chat, QA, Note, etc.)
- managing the attendee list, user rights and enabling user audio and video

We're looking for individuals with excellent communication and computer skills who can help resolve remote user audio and video problems proactively.  You'll work behind the scenes of the virtual meeting to ensure everything runs smoothly in Adobe Connect so the client trainers can focus on delivering the training, and not on technical issues.

If you are interested, please send your resume, contact information and day rate to

Thank you.

Chris Benes
Co-Founder, rVibe


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Re: Adobe Connect 8 meeting producers WANTED for onsite NJ work

Hi, i worked in Adobe Connect 8. I developed leaning application in Flex for an australian university. so, i'm very interested in such job.


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Re: Adobe Connect 8 meeting producers WANTED for onsite NJ work


Please send resume to


Andy Gallas

Director of Production


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