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Connect Mobile Meeting List on iPad

I just loaded the app for iPad to test out for our clients who have been wanting this for a long time.  However, the app seems quite primitive in the fact that there is very little similarity to the capability you have when using it on a computer.

When I start the app it takes to a screen asking what the URL is for the meeting.  Great, how do I know the URL when I cannot login to see the list of meeting that are set up for a user?  Is it expected that the user have their computer, login to that, check the list of meetings, write down the URL for the meeting, then input that? 

I am not understanding why a user cannot log in to their account when they start the app and view the list of meetings just as they would on a computer.  Is there something that I am missing here??  That is the only option when the app starts.

Appreciate any help on this one.



#2 2011-09-02 12:10:12


Re: Connect Mobile Meeting List on iPad

Hey Duane,

Adobe Connect meetings are persistent and can be created using a custom URL.  Because of that, most people tend to have a single personal meeting room - it's like a virtual office.  Mine is  It's something that I've added to my email signature and business card.

Having said that, if you prefer to work differently and use randomly generated URL's, you should still be able to use a mobile web browser to login and see your meeting rooms. 
- Login (iOS users will see a message indicating Flash is required - but simply ignore it)
- Click Meetings on the navigation tab
- Click on your meeting name and then select the meeting URL

Clicking on the meeting URL will open it up in the Adobe Connect Mobile app.

I've tested this on my iPhone and it works beautifully.  It even passes along your credentials with the room name so there's no need to type anything into the mobile app - you pop right in.


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