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Another Network error problem

We are using Adobe Connect Pro 7.0 on a Windows 2003 server.

We restricted that only https is allowed.  The server certificate is issued by "Hongkong Post e-Cert CA 1 - 10".

On Windows clients, such as IE 7 or IE 8, we need to trusted "Hongkong Post e-Cert CA 1 - 10" before the client can connect to our Adobe Connect Pro server.

The problem is the when we tried to use Adobe Connect Mobile on iPhone to connect to our server, it only shows "Network error", we've already use mobileconfig file to install the root CA into iPhone.

We have Platinum Support for Connect Enterprise Server but Adobe still request us to seek help here.  :-(

Does anyone have any suggestion?



#2 2010-10-06 21:51:05


Re: Another Network error problem

Can someone post a solution to this problem? I have been looking for a solution for sometime now since i have a similar issue but I can't seem to find the fix.


#3 2011-06-17 09:59:54


Re: Another Network error problem

Our organization has recently purchased Adobe Connect and are transitioning from Elluminate to AC during the next few months. However, when I use the Adobe Connect app on my iPhone I get the  "network error" message when I try to enter our test meeting. Is there something we need to request on our end to keep this from happening? It is working fine on Android phones. Iphone 4.3.3 software.


#4 2011-08-24 10:51:33


Re: Another Network error problem

I have just the opposite as pgalland.  Works on the Boss's 3GS but not on my EVO 3D. Net Work error.


#5 2011-08-26 00:51:08


Re: Another Network error problem

Hi Everyone,

Please email me offline and I will try to work with you as everyone's environment is different so it is difficult to troubleshoot all of your issues on the forum.

I can be reached at

In your email, please include:

-Connect server version
-Connect server URL if it's accessible externally
-Connect mobile app version
-Device: Android or iOS
-Device OS version
-Does the Connect server allow only HTTPS?



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