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Adobe Connect Mobile issues on new Motorola handset

When trying your Adobe Connect Mobile application (version 1.5.9) on the Motorola XOOM LTE we encountered a couple of issues that we thought you should know about. In the application's whiteboard sharing space on the XOOM the frame is not resized correctly from the desktop application to the XOOM's application. This results in an overlap of text/drawn images if the two items on the whiteboard are close to each other.

Steps to reproduce:
Launch the application on both a computer and the device
Login with a username and password on the computer and as a guest on the device
Select "Collaboration" on the computer client on the right side of the screen
Select the "T" on the whiteboard for text
Select anywhere on the whiteboard and begin typing a note in "36" or "48" font size
Select the 'pencil' and draw anything at the end of the text
Notice that the drawing will overlap onto the text displayed

We hope that this feedback is useful to you in making your application the best it can be on the widest possible range of Android devices. Device specifications for the Motorola XOOM can be found at, and an article containing programming tips for the XOOM can be found here: Note that you can get early and exclusive access to everything you need to create apps for Motorola's newest devices by joining our App Accelerator Program (AAP).

If you have any follow-up questions or observations, please post them to our community discussion boards at


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