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Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

RefinedVIDEO FLV PLAYER for Adobe Presenter
Refined Data Solutions Inc. +1.416.464.3110 <>

RefinedVideo is an Adobe Presenter Add-In that allows you to deliver high-quality, streaming video of unlimited length in your web-based Adobe Presenter slide shows, in Adobe ConnectPro Meetings and even in recorded meetings.

The software from Refined Data Solutions Inc. (an authorized Adobe Connect reseller), is a combination SWF module that you simply add to each slide in your presentation that requires video, plus a web service that will retrieve and play your video files for you on demand.

RefinedVideo offers the following features:

1) Play video content of unlimited length from any slide in a Presenter file.
2) Use the latest high-quality On2 VP6 compresion codec for better performance.
3) Your video streams instantly with little or no buffering.
4) Play video of any size - even fullscreen - in a chromeless window or embedded right in the slide body.
5) Full control over playback options such as resizable windows, toolbars etc.
6) Works in self-paced presentations, ConnectPro Meetings and recordings.
7) Works in all major browsers including tabbed browsers.
8) Play the entire video clip or specify start and stop points for playback.
9) Use start and stop points in review slides/quizzes without using multiple clips.
10) Optionally overlay any video with subtitles in unlimited languages.
11) No limits on content length. Play feature length movie content if required.
12) Limit access to your content based on the IP address of the viewer.
13) Optional loading of web sites within a chromeless window for directed browsing.
14) Video can be hosted anywhere on the web rather than inside your presentation.
15) Republish presentations effortlessly without uploading video content over & over.
16) Incorporate YouTube and Google content or use your own video footage.
17) Fully customizable user interface with choice of colours and icons.

RefinedVideo is a complete solution for incorporating video in Adobe Connect.

If you currently use Presenter then you already know that it has some serious limitations when it comes to using video. Slide based video must be in SWF format encoded using the old Sorenson codec. That means your video files must completely load before they start playing. This leads to long wait times for users; want to play a 5 minute video? Expect a 2-3 wait time while the movie loads. Forget longer content like training videos.

The video's dimensions are also limited as quality degrades quickly at large sizes.

Adobe will tell you to put streaming flash video in the presenter panel but this area is tiny. You cannot pause, rewind and fast-forward the content and what about if your show runs without the presenter panel showing?

If you update your presentation frequently, expect long wait times as the video files are embedded and must be uploaded to the server each time you make a change.

RefinedVideo is a complete solution to these issues as it allows you to play high-quality video in fullscreen resolution with no waiting. Use streaming FLV format using On2 VP6 compression to provide higher quality at lower bandwidth with almost no wait times in most cases.

View a demonstration presentation at or enter a ConnectPro meeting room and experiment with the same presentation there.
You can even download a fully functioning trial version from the file-share pod. The Meeting Room can be accessed at

Want more options? The trial version can also be downloaded at this location:

When you download the trial, you get everything you need, including the SWF module you add to each slide that requires video, the configuration file that you can edit in Notepad or any other text editor, a sample presentation and complete instructions.

When you download the RefinedVideo trial package, you also get a free trial of HandsUp, our amazing ConnectPro Meeting Add-In. You won't know how you ever ran your meetings without it. Visit for more details and documentation.

RefinedData is a full service supplier of training and eLearning solutions for companies across North America. We sell the full range of Adobe Connect eLearning and meeting services and provide turnkey support and consultation to our clients.

We provide an extensive array of creative and copy-writing services, taking your existing training materials and repurposing them for internet delivery. We even provide film crews to capture your trainers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and guest speakers at their best and encode the video for optimum delivery via the web.

Need custom applications for your meetings and self-paced learning programs? Our team of experienced Flash developers will deliver results quickly and at a reasonable price. From front-end interfaces to Connect, to back-end reporting, Refined Data can do it all.

Visit to hear from one of our recent clients about their experience with Refined Data.

Contact us at +1,416,464,3110 or for more information. We'd be happy to demonstrate our capabilities.

Dowload the trial from and unpack the files to your hard drive. Edit refinedvideo.xml in Notepad or your choice of text editor to set your default values. All instructions on how to use the product are contained in the XML file.

Add the XML file as an attachment to your presentation and insert the SWF file refinedvideo.swf to each slide that should play video. Publish as normal.

Have questions? Feel free to contact me or Skype "terryshane"

All the Best,



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Terry - I asked this question in the Adobe forum as well.

Question - we currently create icons or URLs within Presenter that points to our a file on our FMS server or via our CDN provider. What would be the difference in terms of playback with your tool?


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Hi Sean,

Our tool requires no external service, just a place to host the FLV files. That can be on your server, Adobe's server or, if required, we can host the content for you.

The files play back instantly. It's like having your own private version of YouTube without their branding.

Any FLV will play, including files you grab from sites like YouTube, video ripped from DVDs or your own content.

The problem with embedding simple links in Presenter presentations or in ConnectPro meetings is that you have no control over the windows that are popped by each individual user. This means that some users will view your content in a tiny window while others are fullscreen. You also cannot predict whether the window will have navigation or run chromeless.

Our solution solves these problems by giving you total control of the playback environment and it works regardless of whether the video is popped from a self-running presentation, a ConnectPro Meeting or a recording of a meeting. THe code even takes into account whether the link is inside a live meeting running in a browser or in the Adobe Connect Add-In.

It's an out-of the box solution that can be working in a few minutes, yet provides a very elegant way of running high-quality video of unlimited length.

You can download a free trial from or we can set up a demonstration in a live meeting to show you how it works. Most users who have a need for training videos or long presentations take one look and love the solution.

Hope that helps,



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

One more thing...

With RefinedVideo you can easily add sub-titles to the video content to provide captioning for the hard of hearing or to facilitiate training in multiple languages. Our clients can film a subject matter expert in their native language but deliver content to the audience in an unlimited number of languages without the need to change the original video.

Subtitles are contained in separate XML files with timing points so you can add additional languages at any time just by changing the name of the file to use for the subtitle overlay.

Finally, because you can specify start and end times for playback, you can use a single video file in many ways. Play the entire file from start to finish or just use small segments. We use this in review slides that are played when a user answers a quiz question incorrectly. n this case we jump to a review slide that plays only the content that relates to the question they just answered.




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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Just a quick note that we've now added a complete tutorial on how to use RefinedVideo. It's incorporated into the Demonstration Presentation or as a stand-alone Captivate Movie

Please let me know if you have any questions on the tool.


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Terry: I didn't see how this solution could be used in live Connect Pro meeting - although you infer that it can. I'd be interested to know if this could be used as means to host live streaming speaker video content in a meeting share pod similar to the way video conferencing is deployed. The current Connect camera pod has several limitations with regard to its size size and fps.


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

The application does work in a live ConnectPro meeting but will generate pop-up windows for the content over which you have total control. e.g. window size, scrollbars, resizeable etc. You can also pop the content in a full-screen chromeless window. Video windows created in this way will always appear on top of other windows until they finish playing and will then close themselves automatically.

These windows can contain streaming video content or point to web-site content as you choose.

The initial need for Refined Video was to be able to generate high-quality video content within Adobe Presenter slide shows so that they could be used in self-paced training or in live meetings or in meeting recordings.

In the process, we developed the ability to handle a variety of video streams. We now have the ability to create a custom pod inside of a meeting space that can deliver live streaming content that is served from a Flash Media Server - that could be live video from any source, including webcams or live media from a newscast.

If you are interested in having us develop this sort of application to meet your needs, please drop me an email or contact me directly.

All the best,



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

We are currently using the Refined Video tool in our Connect Live Meetings.  This solution is very easy to use - we held a connect meeting yesterday with nearly 100 participants and only one person was unable to see the video content on account of the security settings on her network.  In addition, the meeting was recorded and the video is easily accessed during the recording.  This is an incredible solution for sharing high quality video within live and recorded connect meetings!


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

This sounds very useful and I'll be taking a look at the demo meeting.  What I really am interested in though is the ability to have talking head video that spans slides in the sidebar, published via Presenter.  Do you guys have anything in that realm?



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Hi Jason, you should be able to achieve that out of the box with Presenter. SImply create talking head video clips for each slide and as you flip from one slide to the next, the presenter will still be there talking you through the presentation.

I suggest making sure you have a title slide that stays up for a short while as the sidebar video will need to buffer before it can start playing. The title slide or a short intro before the video content will allow for the buffering process to complete in the background.

Be sure to set the slide audio for each slide with a talking head video to silence lasting exactly the same amount of time as the video running time since the slide advance is determined by the slide audio duration and not the insrted video duration.

Of course, I'd be happy to discuss other applications if you are interested.



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Just a note to let everyone know that we are now shipping Version 2 of RefinedVideo. You can now display your video right in the slide body with no requirement to pop the video in a separate window.

Your video's can occupy the full slide body if you want, or can be sized to any dimensions you choose. No programming is required, you do not need to know anything about Flash to get this working and the video quality is awesome.

Best of all, the video can be hosted anywhere on the web so it is not included with presentation itself. That means if you show a 60 minute movie that is 150Mb in size, you don't need to upload it to the Adobe servers every time you republish your presentation.

If you'd like a copy of the new version, just drop me a note.

Have a great day.


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Hi Terry,

Was wondering if Refined video still works for presenter? Really need a solution for slow loading, and this seems to be the best one offered by far.


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Hi Remy,

RefinedVideo still works for Presenter but is no longer a supported product. Our Talking Stick product now provides enhanced video capabilities inside of Connect meetings and since Presenter has the ability to embed video, we decided to concentrate our development efforts where they would make a big difference for customers.

If you want to email me directly with more details of what you are trying to achieve, I may be able to assist.



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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

Nice product!


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Re: Streaming Video in Presenter and ConnectPro Meetings - RefinedVideo

I am just a lonely end user and want to know if I can use this to fix playing back recorded content? I can't open the content in Adobe Connect, I get an error msg telling me it is unsupported. If I select open in browser it starts the class with no problem, EXCEPT for the echo - smartphone headphones made this more tolerable - AND if I try to by pass any of the recording because I have already heard it, I get a second stream of audio and it is from the beginning while the first stream is the audio from where I set the time bar. Try to make another change and get a 3 rd stream. Crazy. If I close the browser, there is still a stream playing. I have to use a kill apps program and kill everything.

Now, after killing everything, if I try to go back to my class, I get an error that a ticket is already opened. I have to browse to like and THEN clear the cache and cookies. I can then start the whole process again, with the same horrible outcome. I have changed the settings for sound and anything else that may be related to sound, no avail.

I have read about a sound wizard, which I do not receive with Adobe Connect 1.7.5 on the android, Acer A500.

Seems to me there is no way to stop the course, come back and start where I left off.

Is there any solution? I bought the android because the iPad will NOT play anything from my classes, it always opens the program directly and says it is not supported, no option to open in browser. I really want to have the ability to watch classes while walking on treadmill in the morning.

Oh and I have tried copying the URL and pasting in Adobe Connect diectly,  still not supported, but will open and play in the browser. I have also allowed for pop ups, no luck.

I have never seen anything like it.  HELP! Will your product fix this disaster?

Thank you for reading this, Cathy


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