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Looking for ConnectPro hosting


We're a small, UK/London-based, family-run training company looking to provide live instructor-led training over the internet to a virtual classroom, using a tool such as Adobe Connect Pro. We're new to Connect Pro, so would need some initial help with available features/options etc. We're primarily looking for a hosted solution (preferably hosted in the UK for performance reasons), and would like to discuss:

- Connect Pro's appropriateness for our use
- latest features/functionality
- current pricing ((software license, bandwidth charges, etc)
- how quickly we can be set up
- including possibly a demo of some sort

At the moment, we're not looking for a full-blown LMS module/system, for now we only need to be able to present topics/provide training etc online. I look forward to hearing from anyone who can provide such a service. Alternatively, links to any such service providers would also, of course, be welcome!

Thanks in advance...

Kind regards,

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Re: Looking for ConnectPro hosting

Connect is hosted in EMEA, i think you can go for it  and contact Adobe team regarding your queries.


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