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Nutshell - Enhanced Reporting for Connect Pro

WebAssist created Nutshell to help organizations better understand their usage of Connect Professional.  The hosted platform enables users, business line managers and executives to quickly and easily modify search criteria to gain access to information that they need to improve their adoption and bottom line.  This will help you detail usage, adoption and ROI.

Pain Points Covered:
Departmental and Global Usage Reports
Advanced Administrative Management Module
Company Wide Peak Concurrent Usage for Meetings
"Training Status" Know who has been invited but has not initiated
Content Reporting - Track all activity of your various Connect Content
Improved Navigation for Native Connect Reports
Instant On Reporting
Advanced Calendar Date Range Search
Interactive Flash Charting Integration
Support for Events, Meetings and Trainings
Streamlined Dashboard Delivery
XML output for business application integration

Captivate Feature Tour: … tshell.asp

Nutshell gives managers the ability to instantly understand how and when their subordinates are using Connect Professional.  Administrators can then report on the global usage of all users within the organization, all within a streamlined dashboard interface.  Over the past two years Webassist has been building custom reports for Adobe Connect Professional customers.  Many of these cases were driven by the need to solve internal accounting audits for departmental bill back for Connect Professional usage.  Nutshell gives organization all of the information they need to properly execute on this requirement.

For more information: … efault.asp


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