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Refined Data's Connect-to-Moodle/Refined Training Demo Recording

By popular demand we have made a recording of Refined Data's Connect-to-Moodle/Refined Training integration solution, which seamlessly integrates Connect Pro with the Moodle LMS. Refined Training itself is a complete turnkey e-learning platform that includes Refined Data's highly customized version of Moodle and the Connect-to-Moodle integrator built right in. Contact us today ( for more information.

Recording Link:
Duration: 50 minutes

Basic Q&A

Q: How is Refined Training/Connect-to-Moodle deployed?
A: Refined Training/Connect-to-Moodle can be deployed either as a hosted (SaaS) or licensed model.

Q: Is the Connect-to-Moodle integrator a simple module?
A: It installs as a simple drop-in module but is in reality a highly sophisticated integration solution.

Q: Will installing Connect-to-Moodle/Refined Training remove any of my content?
A: Not at all. All of your content remains.

Q: Can Connect-to-Moodle be installed even if I've made significant changes to my version of Moodle?
A: Absolutely. The installation process can, if necessary, even check each line of code line-by-line and superimpose only those changes you want.

Q: How soon can you implement Connect-to-Moodle?
A: Within 2 weeks.

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