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#1 2010-04-01 12:34:47


Anyone else experiencing Connect strangeness in past few weeks?

Hi, this is my first post to the user forum, although I've been a Connect user for 4 years.  Most of the time, Connect is pretty consistent but during the past few weeks, we are having very strange issues.  We use a hosted version and use Events and Seminar rooms.  I've called both Adobe support and my middle-ware provider, but haven't found any answers. It doesn't look like anyone has posted anything similar and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing similar issues.

- Set up a seminar room and all pods (chat, poll, file share) are functioning except the file share pod, which takes 50 minutes to display the ppt.  The room was set up days in advance and had no issues during a run through the day earlier.  Would not allow me to reload from content library or my pc.
-Event email messages are now missing audio conference info.  I have a premier audio account linked to my user ID and the info is no longer populating in emails.  Data fields vary from time to time with no rhyme or reason. 
- Event messages are reverting to the default check boxes if I move backwards in the Event Set up.  I un-check most of the messages and customize 2 emails (notify when approved, remind when closer to event).  It'll hold my customization, but not my message selection.
-One seminar room would not allow anyone host privileges inside the room.  We added/deleted users, demoted/promoted.  No luck.  When you click in, you look like a participant.  Had to delete the whole URL.

I hadn't needed to call Adobe Support in years and now I feel like I should put them on speed dial.

We're on an ancient version of IE6 and thought maybe that was part of the issue, but have the same problems in Firefox.


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