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#1 2009-12-05 11:10:38


Subscribe to Forum?

Hi there

Seems I've visited this forum before as I already had a User ID and password set up. ;)

What I would like to see (that seems absent presently) is an ability to subscribe to a forum. The Adobe user-to-user forums seem to work this way. Each post made to a specific forum results in sending an E-Mail message to my In-Box.

This way I'm made aware of posts that may interest me or that I might be able to offer help with. I'm just getting started with Connect and this feature is sorely missed here.

I do note that it's possible to subscribe to an individual topic. While that's useful in and of itself, it's not quite the scope I was hoping to find. ;)

Cheers... Rick :)


#2 2009-12-05 16:13:02


Re: Subscribe to Forum?


That's what RSS is for. You subscribe to the RSS feed of each forum and then you can see all new posts. Much better than email notifications IMO. I just get the notifications in Google Reader along with all the other feeds.



#3 2010-02-12 13:23:38


Re: Subscribe to Forum?


Just a follow-up point on this older post, we've recently updated the RSS feeds for the forums; feeds now include the full content of the forum posts.



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