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NCAST PR-720 RTMP stream to AdobeConnect

I am a computer technician at a Public Library.  We have a customer that will be presenting a series of lectures that they would like to stream live on their hosted AdobeConnect service (  We have an NCAST PR-720 presentation recorder that can combines graphic, video, and audio into an RTMP stream.  It is intended to feed to a 3rd party server.  I would like to know how to feed it to our customer's AdobeConnect meeting room.

When setting up the NCAST stream, it asks for standard network information of the destination server: address, port number MTU for both audio and video. 

Please advise


#2 2014-09-12 15:16:55


Re: NCAST PR-720 RTMP stream to AdobeConnect

The easiest method would be to have it output a video feed into a computer and then use that video feed in the (live) Video pod in Connect. While Connect is built on a FMS (Flash Media Server) platform, it is not a traditional FMS. You may need to use the DVdriver application to get the computer to recognize the application as a web cam though (on the upside it is cheap to buy),

You can stream the videos from another media server and then pull that RTMP feed into the room using one of the external video pods available here, … nd.html#3. I'd look at PodiumHD, tekRacer Video Pod for FMS and TalkingStick to see which one could best fit your needs. Be aware though, that these pods won't play back the video in a recorded session.


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