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Presentation freezes at quiz - new data appears in published folder

I’m currently localising a 53-slide .PPT file, of which 15 of the slides are questions within 4 self-check quizzes. The types of questions are varied in style: True/False, Fill In The Blank, Multiple Choice and Matching. I am running all this on PowerPoint 2007 in tandem with Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 (Build 7746), with my computer’s OS being Win 7 64-bit Enterprise Edition.

The problem rears its head during publishing. The published presentation freezes right after answering a Matching question and clicking anywhere on the screen to proceed to the next question, and simply refuses to function (we used another computer running the same setup, except for PowerPoint, which is the 2010 version). One thing I noticed is that, when looking at the anatomy of the folder where the published presentation’s data resides, two new items appear that, in two and a half years of working on the same set of .ppt files and localising them in different languages, I have never seen before…these are called ‘Metadata’ and ‘as-2 wrapper’, and it’s becoming more obvious that the addition of these two items are creating the problem. This wasn’t happening with other presentations up until now, and on examining and republishing previously successful versions of the same presentation in other languages, the same problem is happening as well – we have published these successfully right up to two weeks ago, so I can’t understand why this is happening to every version of the same presentation I am loading now. Furthermore, I cannot understand how these two new items keep on appearing, and why they are appearing now.

I don’t know if you find the following to be helpful, but a look at Quiz Manager > Reporting tab contains the following parameters (preset by the client himself) – bear in mind that these parameters work perfectly for the client, and we had no issues before now:


Report Data: Report slide views only
                     Slide view completion: 90%

Report Pass/Fail: report complete/incomplete

Report score to LMS as: score

Reporting level: Only report the score

LMS customisation settings: (ticked) Escape version and session ID
                                 Send interval: 1

I have run out of ideas…the only thing I suspect is maybe there’s an MS Office update that is creating all this trouble, but I don’t allow auto updates, and all MS office updates after 27.5.2014 have been removed. Can you help?

Jason Aquilina

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