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Moodle Integration with Connect Pro

Connect Pro is without doubt the best web conferencing solution available in the marketplace today but for many educational institutions, it's lack of integration with Moodle has been a big stumbling bock... until now.

Refined Data, a Premeier Adobe Connect Reseller has completed work on a complete Connect Pro integration solution that ties the two systems together so tightly that users will not know where one system ends and the other begins. It's so smart, we had to call it RefinedMoodle.

The integration begins from the moment new users sign up or are authenticated on your Moodle site. At this point a matching user is created on your Adobe account (hosted or licensed). From here on, every change is duplicated on both systems; Whether it's a change in name, email or phone number or even the login password, language or timezone, the two systems always stay in sync.

As users enroll or unenroll in your Moodle courses, they are added to or removed from matching groups on the Adobe system so that you do not have to manage who has access rights to your meetings, stored content, or recorded archives - the system takes care of everything for you.

And adding links and icons to your meetings, uploaded content and recording archives is as simple as typing the resource URL. You can even list a user's upcoming meetings right on the Moodle Home Page.

Future enhancements will let you track meeting attendance as a course completion prerequisite. And later this year, we'll be releasing our Flex-based Moodle reporting tool that will provide rich Flash-based analysis of your Moodle site. For the first time, Moodle administrators and teachers will be able to see what's happening on their sites in a fully graphical environment.

To see what RefinedMoodle can do for your Moodle installation, simply contact us to arrange a full no-obligation demonstration. RefinedMoodle is available as an add-on option to existing Moodle installations or we can provide fully hosted Moodle solutions on our own high-availability servers. Our clients include both educational and commercial users looking for best of breed teaching and training solutions.

All the Best,


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Re: Moodle Integration with Connect Pro

rom here on, every change is duplicated on both systems; Whether it's a change in name, email or phone number or even the login password, language or timezone, the two systems always stay in sync.

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Re: Moodle Integration with Connect Pro

I'm currently installing the integration module with our self hosted Adobe Connect 8 server and our Moodle 1.9.16 install.

I'm having in that when a meeting is created in Moodle the users are not created in Adobe connect. So the activity block appears blank when viewed in Moodle. The users (and host) don't get the 'Join Meeting' button.

If I manually add the users in Adobe Connect Admin then it works fine.

Not sure how to fault track the users not being created.


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Re: Moodle Integration with Connect Pro

Hi Mark,

I don't think you can be using the Refined Data module because that solution automatically synchronizes users between the two platforms (creates Adobe users to match Moodle accounts and creates Moodle users if they log in using their Adobe credentials.

Our latest versions run on Moodle 1.9+ and 2.2+ and support Office Hours scheduling, tracking of recording playback (what percentage of a Connect recording each user completed), and we even support the delivery of fully proctored live, remote Moodle Quizzes inside of Connect using our new FLEXam pod.

There's integration and then there's Refined Training.


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