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Switching back and forth between "pods" and desktop share

I am a new Adobe Connect user. I am trying to figure out how to switch back and forth between the "pods" [q&a, chat, raise hand functions, etc.) and desktop share without showing my steps to the audience. I mostly use Adobe connect for software training.

So, I share my desktop and demo software. I now want to ask questions using polling. I figured I can use Pause and Annotate to return to the pods.  I can manually add one polling window to this view, but I would like to use a pre-defined layout that contains multiple questions.  Once I select the layout, it turns off my desktop share and I'm stuck restarting it again...Any suggestions from other software trainers out there on how to take advantage of the cool features in Adobe Connect that disappear whenever Desktop share is used...same thing happens with window and application share, at least in my experience.



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Re: Switching back and forth between "pods" and desktop share

I use a dual monitor set up. This way I can share my 2nd monitor while leaving the meeting up on the 1st monitor. This allows me to have full view and control of the meeting room while sharing my screen. You can then bring in and out Pods as you see fit.

As to the screen sharing stopping when you change layouts, that may not be something that you can work around... I'll play with Connect and see if there is something that can be done to stop that from happening.


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Re: Switching back and forth between "pods" and desktop share


I know this is an old post, so you may already have found your answer, but here is what I do. Since we moved to 9.3 you will have the extra step of clicking 'Switch to Meeting Room' button on the far right side of the floating share panel to go back to the meeting room.

1. Name your pods. If you name your sharepod, and then keep that same pod in both layouts the screen share should carry between your changes.

2. Use Maximize/Restore or Full Screen/Force Presenter View. If you build your layout with all of your question pods, you can also add your share pod in corner, and then 'FullScreen it' so it covers your pods...then when it is time to do your poll...just Restore the pod down (this will reveal the pods, AND keep your sharing window sharing) - then you can 'FullScreen' again and go back to sharing.

There are other tricks too...but i would be curious to see how those work for you. I use both of these all the time (although i like Maximze/Restore more than FullScreen)

Tell us how they worked for you!

Hope that helps


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