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Downloading PDFs that are a part of a curriculum

Hi, all! I'm hoping I can see if anyone else has found a solution to this yet.

As part of a curriculum I'm providing users a certificate of completion as a PDF file. However, I'm not sure of the easiest way to allow users to download the certificate and save it to their computer.

So far, I've found they can right click, save the file to their computer, then open it again to open the PDF in Adobe Reader and save it.

Some of my users aren't very tech savvy, however, so I'd love to find an easier way. Any ideas?

Thanks for any suggestions/help you can give!


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Re: Downloading PDFs that are a part of a curriculum

If it is just a generic certificate, you can upload it to a Connect room in the Files pod. It will then be considered an 'attachment' type object in Connect. You can then move it to the Content library and make a course from it. Then when your students click on it, it will just bring up the download tool in their browser.

You can also attach it in a Presenter presentation, but that can take some explaining as well to get people to use the paper clip button...

Alternatively, if you want to have a dynamic certificate (fills in the student's name, etc.) you can look at this certificate build option:

This certificate should be able to be a stand alone object (course) as well, if you don't want to embed it in a Presenter Presentation.


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