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Training Reports not generating for un-enrolled learners

I had a Group of approximately 80 learners enrolled in a curriculum that took place last month. I unenrolled the group after their time limit in the training ended. When I run a Curriculum report and select the Group name, nothing is generated in the report. Is that because the Curriculum only provides reports on currently enrolled learners? If so, is it possible to generate a Curriculum report for a group after they have been unenrolled?

I also tried running a Learners report instead of Curriculum report. At first, I tried by the group name, and again, no data was generated. Then I tried by a single learner’s name who was in the group that had taken the training, and no data was generated for that learner.

I went online to search for a possible answer, and I found where someone else had the same problem before and had asked about it on the Adobe Support Community Blog. The answer turned out to be a server issue. Could my report problems be a server issue, too?

We’re going to be offering some independent e-learning courses via an AC Curriculum. We will need to enroll people in separate Groups so that we can generate reports for those specific groups. It appears that as long as I haven’t unenrolled a group from a curriculum, I can generate a Curriculum Report, but once I unenroll the group, neither the group or the users show up in the Curriculum report data or the Learners report data. This could be problematic for us.


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Re: Training Reports not generating for un-enrolled learners

I had this issue this year and was given a response from Adobe Connect that once a user has been unenrolled from a course or curriculum, their report data is no longer provided. If you re-enroll them, the data appears again. I was told by AC that this was not always the case, but that the report tracking was changed in one of the newer updates. I put in a complaint with Adobe that for the cost of this program, the ability to store users course reports, whether enrolled or not, should be part of the package. As far as I know, this issue has never been corrected.

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